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Undertaking by The Applicant

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  • 1. I declare that I have not been debarred from joining any educational institution or rusticated from the Institution / Board last attended.
  • 2. I declare that all the statements made in the application by me are true to the best of my knowledge and belief. I clearly understand that if any of the statements subsequently found untrue, my admission to the Institution would stand automatically cancelled, without any claim for refund.
  • 3. I have read the rules & regulations regarding admission criteria made by the Institution and instructions incorpo-rated there in carefully. I have read and understood the conditions of eligibility for the programme to which I seek admission. I fulfill the minimum eligibility criteria and I have been provided with necessary information in this regard. In the event of any information being incorrect or misleading my candidature shall be liable to cancel-lation by the Institution at any time and I shall not be entitled to refund of any fee paid by me to the Institution
  • 4. I have satisfied my self that I fulfill the minimum educational, physical and medical standards and that I agree to be removed from the institution if found deficient in these standards during the course.
  • 5. I agree that admission may be granted to me on the conditions stated in the latest edition of the prospectus / Sylla-bus prescribed by the Institution or such modification thereof as may be made by the authorities.
  • 6. I have read the rules, regulations and code of conduct as prescribed by The Institution and promise to abide by them and those that may be made in future for the admission. I also undertake that I shall do nothing inside or outside the Institution Campus that will interfere with its discipline.
  • 7. I undertake to pay the due of college, Hostel and other dues regularly if admitted .
  • 8. I also declare that:
    A. I have never been convicted of any criminal offence, nor have I ever been released on bail in connection with a criminal case.
    B. No case of criminal offence or moral turpitude is pending against me in any Court of law.
    C. No complaint of F.I.R. has ever been lodged against me by the School / Institution.
    D. I have not been debarred from appearing in by Coordination Committee.
    E. Admission is purely on temporary basis subject to confirmation by the Institution concerned. In all matters court at jurisdiction will be Delhi only.
    9. In case it is found at any stage by the Institution or other authority that I am not eligible for admission/course, I shall have no Claim for the refund of fees and will not make any legal dispute. 10. I accept that if any above undertaking is missing I agree to be prosecuted by the court of law for providing take acceptance take statement / declaration.